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Frequently Asked Questions
Is GameBeast free?

It is! And we intend to make sure it stays free forever by creating a sustainable premium product.

Early adopters will receive the ability to test premium features for free, and will be given a discount when offered to sign up for premium.

Will there be advertising on the free platform?

We don't intend to use adservers at any point with GameBeast in the future.

We will however offer services to convenors to advertise their events on our platform for small nominal fees.

These will be in the form of graphical event posters that appear in the bottom right of the screen and connect with the convenor directly.

These will not be posters of your direct competitors. Leagues will be shown tournament posters, and tournaments will be shown league posters, so there's no overlap.

Premium members will be able to serve their own ads in their own events to continue to grow dedication in their fanbase for free, and they will not receive outside event ads.

What can you tell us so far about premium?

Premium features are still underdevelopment. Register your account, and we will update you on premium features as they become available!

What are auto-updating standings?

Auto updating standings is a feature that when a score is reported, the standings will update appropriately.

Event co-ordinators can edit scores, which will undo the standings created previously, and apply the new standings, keeping you up to date without lifting a finger.

We still allow you to edit your standings manually, too.

Do team owners need accounts?

Nope! When uploading your schedule, teams will be automatically generated from the schedule list. Those teams will have auto generated shortcodes, or you can edit them and create your own.

Teams simply need to remember their shortcode, for example "JF20", when entering their score. No log in needed!

What does upload any CSV schedule mean?

Every league uses a different scheduling software. We do require a few rules followed, like a CSV header row, but we can accept any scheduling software's CSV and turn it into a finished game list!

And if you manage to trick us, we'll upload it for you and build it into our software!

We also provide a standard CSV file to work with if you want to just use it instead!